Select Southern Italian Cheeses

Select Southern Italian Cheeses

Select Southern Italian Cheeses


Ricotta di Bufala

A light  Ricotta with a fine texture and delicate flavor, great for making your best recipes, or just eating on its own with soft seasonal fruits or topping a salad. Our Ricotta di Bufala Campana is available in mono-portions or bulk.



Scamorza di Bufala

Our scamorza produced with Water Buffalo Milk, is a semisoft Pasta Filata Cheese, elastic, with less moisture than a mozzarella. Milky and creamy, is available White or Smoked . Thanks to its  excellent melting qualities,  is best known to flavour baking dishes, and can be grilled.



Caciocavallo di Bufala

A  mature stretched-curd (pasta filata) cheese with the typical pear shape,  sweet and with a very pleasant taste of Buffalo Milk. A perfect accompaniment to a glass of wine.



Silano di Bufala

Semi-soft cheese with crust, made with Buffalo milk, oval shaped, has a thin crust and compact texture.