Smoked Burrata

Smoked Burrata

What Is Smoked Burrata

burrata smokedSmoked burrata is a tasty alternative to the classic burrata.


Smoked Burrata , is produced in Puglia Italy according to the original hand making production of Burrata Pugliese, and then exposed to wood smoke that provides a delicate flavor, which encapsulates the creaminess of the inner stracciatella (mix of cream and shredded mozzarella) .
Packed in a practical container , this delicate yet delicious product is an ideal ingredient in simple as well as sophisticated recipes .


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Here The New York Times’s article

In just a few years, burrata — a ball of mozzarella wrapped around creamy, shredded stracciatella cheese — has gone from being a rare import to a ubiquitous item in shops and restaurants. But there’s a burrata from Puglia, in southern Italy, with a delightful difference: The exterior is smoked. Unmold the small cup of straw-colored cheese, cut into it and the typically rich center oozes forth, delicious against the smoky mozzarella shell.

Written by: Florence Fabricant