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Other Fresh Cheese from Southern Italy

Italians have made a variety of fresh cheeses for centuries, and we offer a large selection, from creamy Mascarpone and Stracchiatella; to Ricotta made from buffalo, sheep or cow’s milk; to a variety of smoked fresh cheeses.


Curing meat in Italy is a true art and the variety is staggering:  from the most ethereal Prosciutto to the heartiest Salami; from succulent Mortadella to buttery spicy Nduja. We carry a wide range from all parts of Italy – the “toe” to the Alps.

For the Perfect Plate

What would Italian food be with olive oil? Or tomatoes? We import the best quality staples and delicacies to bring the real flavors of Italy to the table. Ask about our oils – from cold pressed EVOO to aromatic truffle oils, to pungent anchovy oil. We carry a full line of olives, tomatoes, peppers, and other ingredients for cooking or antipasti. Sweetest of all are our Sicilian cannoli shells, ready for stuffing with a sweet filling made from our fresh Ricotta.