About 2 Smeraldi

About 2 Smeraldi

Tradition, Nostalgia, Taste


Like all Italians, we love food. After moving to the United States, we craved the flavors of home. Even in New York City, it is not easy to find quality fresh cheeses, and other authentic Italian essentials. Our chef friends said the same thing. So, 2 Smeraldi was born in 2013, as Importer and Distributor , currently serving mainly New York area and the East Coast, with the mission to bring authentic Italian products to the American table.

We hand-select our products from the regions of Italy where they are traditionally produced, and take great care that they reach the customer in perfect condition. We specialize in Mozzarella di Bufala Campana, Burrata Pugliese, Ricotta and other Fresh Cheeses, which are shipped by air directly from dairies in Italy. Our product range also includes fresh pasta, aged cheeses, cured meats, olives, condiments and other fundamental Italian flavors.

Fine restaurants, gourmet stores and cheese purveyors rely on 2 Smeraldi for quality, consistency and service. Are you looking for a specific Italian delicacy? Ask and we will find it for you.